The Facts About Hydrogen

Want to see a study specifically on how Hydrogen Water improves athletic performance? Read it here: Pilot Study: Effects of drinking hydrogen rich water on elite athletes.

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How Does Hydrogen Water Work?

Molecular hydrogen is hydrogen in its simplest form. It is the smallest and the lightest molecule in the universe. Because of this it is able to cross over into sub-cellular compartments, such as the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell), where it does something truly remarkable.

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The Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen (H2) or diatomic hydrogen is a tasteless, odorless, flammable gas.

H2 reduces oxidative stress as a selective antioxidant and by maintaining homeostatic levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.

H2, like other gaseous signaling molecules (i.e. NO, CO, H2S), appears to have cell signal-modulating activity affording it with anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, and anti-allergy benefits.


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How does Molecular Hydrogen Work in the Body?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is the smallest element and lightest molecule, tiny enough to enter sub-cellular compartments where it bonds with selective free radicals neutralizing the effects of oxidation.

Oxidative stress is believed to be one of the leading cause of disease in the body.

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What are the Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water?

Over 500 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate hydrogen to have therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body.

H2 combats debilitating chronic illnesses such as Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer and hundreds more. It significantly reduces the symptoms, enhancing quality of life.


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