Sharon Steuart is a Neuromuscular Therapist and strength trainer with 32 years experience and 30 year client-therapist rapport. Trains professional boxers, body builders, golfers, MMA Fighters, marathon runners, baseball players, and the everyday person.

Tywon Hubbard is the CEO of H2Hubb LLC, and the creator of the YouTube channel, H2Minutes. He is also known as one of the prominent educators in the USA for the biomedical research and medicinal effects of molecular hydrogen. He was the first in the world to receive the MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) Level 3 Professional Certification. Through his company H2HUBB, he verifies which hydrogen products on the market provide therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen via third-party testing against objective performance standards. The hydrogen products that meet H2HUBB’s performance standards are listed on their recommendation page on the H2HUBB site. Lastly, H2HUBB is an independent company and does not have any affiliation with any other hydrogen companies outside of the H2HUBB recommendation process.

Disclaimer: H2HUBB LLC is independent of all other entities or parties. All H2HUBB videos (testing, unboxing, and demo) are produced with the intent and purpose of verification and validation for recommendation. Client companies may use videos or content, however, content is solely owned and produced for the business and recommendation purposes of H2HUBB.

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