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We get it - Hydrogen Infused Water might be new to you and you have some questions. But don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers and then some. If you have a question not seen here, feel free to email us at info@zontos.us

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Is Hydrogen Water Safe?

So safe that it’s safe enough for pregnant/nursing moms and babies. But, just to be sure, it was tested at concentrations over a hundred times higher than what you’d be drinking, and found to be perfectly safe. You cannot drink too much hydrogen (although you can drink too much water), and it does not build up in your system (anything that you don’t use you will just exhale out). It’s also been used to locate gunshot wounds in the intestines for centuries and for decompression sickness for decades, so we have years of safe use behind us.

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Is a Hydrogen Water Machine the same as an Ionizer?

It’s similar, but not the same. An ionizer is the father of the “hydrogenizer”. It’s older technology with less of a potent kick. Ionizers have a proven track record of providing health benefits, but science has discovered these were a result of hydrogen being produced as a by-product of electrolysis (the process that separated the water into acidic and alkaline). It wasn’t from the high alkalinity of the water, as originally thought. In true science form, this remarkable product was developed almost by accident. So we’ve simply improved the technology and maximized the hydrogen levels, exponentially increasing the benefits.

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What’s the difference between Hydrogen and Molecular Hydrogen?

Simple Chemistry. Hydrogen is the lightest, simplest element with the symbol H. It consists of one electron and one proton. Atomic hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table, consisting of only one electron. Because this electron isn’t paired it’s considered a free radical. Its symbol is H• Diatomic hydrogen (aka dihydrogen) is simply two hydrogen atoms bonded together as H-H. It’s as simple as 1+1=2 … just written like this … H•+ H• = H2 Molecular hydrogen is another name for diatomic hydrogen. Because two atoms have bonded together they have formed a molecule. This is the most common form of hydrogen. It is neutrally charged (no free radicals lying about) and is an odorless, tasteless gas. It’s this form of hydrogen that has shown therapeutic effects on over 150 human diseases! When we refer to hydrogen we are talking about molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is diffused into water and carried to all those sub-cellular compartments (like the mitochondria) to rid your body of disease.

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Is High-Alkaline Water Beneficial?

Our bodies are balanced at a pH of 7.4 – 7.5 (slightly alkaline) and they fight hard to keep themselves in this state of homeostasis. The problem is our modern lifestyles can cause our bodies to be acidic so people have been drinking high alkaline water to compensate for the acidity. But it’s not necessary and can even be harmful. That said, ionized water has proven to give phenomenal health benefits over the years so it’s not a hoax… but further testing has proven that this is from the hydrogen in the water not the alkalinity. Check out this post for more.

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