Z3 Hydrogen Water Generator by Zontos for 2.5-3.5 ppm Infused Diatomic Hydrogen (H2) in your Drinking Water using Hydrogen Direct Module Technology.
MSRP: $11,000.00


• Portable Hydrogen Rich Water- Drink the water of Life today!
• On Demand Hydrogen Rich Water
• Easy turn on/off dial
• Simple operation
• Red LED water drop indicator to show low water level
• Safety switch with auto shut off when water is low
• Auto resume once water has been added to the unit, the blue indicates the unit is working properly.
• Traveling blue light revolves around knob indicating hydrogen rich water is being produced.
• Blue LED light below illuminates to show water levels to prevent overfilling.
• Z3-A Bottle/Counter Top Model does not require any plumbing, all you need is filtered water and an electrical outlet.
      8 cup bottle that sits on top of the unit, this indicates how much water you are drinking
• Z3-B Inline/Under Counter Model features a direct connection to the water source. No need to refill any bottles.

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