How Hydrogen Water Changed my Life with Lupus

Seven years ago, I started experiencing strange symptoms such as brain fog, headaches, nausea, joint pain, and exhaustion. Then my skin broke out in lesion-like rashes on my face, arms, and chest. I looked like I had an infectious, flesh-eating virus and I was mortified.

After months of tests and doctors’ visits, I was diagnosed with Lupus and put on medication. My symptoms improved and appeared less frequently, but I’d have flares and during those flares, I couldn’t go in the sun without my skin getting bad again. I sometimes felt so sick that I was confined to bed for weeks at a time. I used to get such severe cold fevers that I’d run a hot shower and sit under it shivering, trying to get warm. Some nights I’d sleep with double-layer clothes, a beanie, socks, 3-4 blankets, and a rechargeable heat buddy and still freeze.

But then I discovered what drinking hydrogen-rich water could do for someone with Lupus. So I (reluctantly and skeptically) bought a Zontos H-Cure 4 months ago. I was shocked by the change in my body. I am now TOTALLY off ALL my lupus meds. I don’t have to sleep through my weekends to make up for working during the week, and I never miss work anymore. Overall I have loads more energy and I rarely have brain fog. I seldom flare and when I (very occasionally) do, it’s usually confined to my skin. I NEVER get join paint anymore. I don’t get those awful fevers. I am ALIVE again.

(C.C., Leesburg, Virginia)

My Race-Day Game-Changer

Yesterday I competed in the Spartan Sprint - a 24-obstacle adventure race through fields and the muddy, wooded hills of Marlyand. It’s my second Spartan so I knew what I was getting myself into. I trained hard, ate right, and felt strong on race day.

My wife urged me to drink hydrogen water that morning and to fill my 2 liter camel backpack with it. I did, thinking what can it can it hurt… and man I’m so glad I did it! It completely changed my performance.

About halfway through the race I started to develop a stitch and some cramping so I drank some of the hydrogen water. Within minutes my stitch and cramping had completely gone. I’m an athlete and personal trainer so I have some experience with this and I can tell you I’ve never recovered so quickly. I settled into a fast pace after that and felt good.

Later in the race the course took me to a long, steep hill. I decided to sprint it to get it over with. Going down the hill on the other side I drank more water. Again I couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered. I flew through the rest of the race and ended up finishing really strong, with a time of 2 hours 30 seconds.

Overall I can definitely say that hydrogen water
·Helped me recover quicker from intense intervals
·Delayed lactic acid build up – and when it did build up, it was dispelled quicker
·Improved my performance
·Helped with muscle fatigue

From now on I’m drinking at least 8 glasses of it a day. And I’ll never run a race without it!

(Darren Ledger- Virginia, USA)

Sunburn Versus Hydrogen

Every year, without fail, I get sunburned. I forget that that my lily-white skin hasn’t seen the sun for months, and that it’s super sensitive to its rays. I think it’s still got that end-of-summer resilience. But no, it doesn’t. So I get burned

It’s not like I lay out there for hours (not since my teens anyway, when I fell asleep for 3 hours and blistered my body). I actually do try to prevent sunburn, but I either forget that 15 minutes is my max on the first day (really, I am pasty), or I forget that I’m in the sun—like when I’m cycling and the wind is keeping me cool. Either way, it’s stupid and irresponsible and I am appalled each time it happens.

Then I heard from the president of Zontos, Dean Allen, who also got sunburned by mistake (little jig, I’m not the only one) in June of this year (2016). He went to beach and must have forgotten that he too hadn’t seen the sun in a really long time, and that night the dreaded symptoms appeared – the redness, the swelling, that awful pain when anything touches the skin.

But you know what he did… he drank a couple glasses of hydrogen water, soaked his shirt in hydrogen water, put it on, and went to bed. Every couple hours or so, when he woke up, he soaked his shirt again. The next morning he woke up with barely a trace of sunburn. Seriously, it was just about gone, just like that. Even he, a firm believer in hydrogen water, was blown away. Interestingly, his face, which obviously wasn’t covered by the shirt, was significantly more burned than the rest of him, whereas the night before it has been about the same.

So next year I will purpose NOT to get sunburned, but if I forget (again) that I really am pasty pale, I know exactly what I’m going to do!

Hint: I am sure you’re waaaaay more responsible that me, but make a note of this just in case.

Chantelle Castrillon

Lyme Disease Doesn't Have Me

My name is Alyse and I spent seven years battling Chronic Lyme Disease. My symptoms were so bad that my whole life felt like it was torn apart. I went from being energetic, a go-getter, active and full of energy to spending most of my time in bed, debilitated by pain and fatigue.

Sleeping well became a luxury. I had such bad pain it often felt like my bones were on fire. My muscles were so sore all I wanted to do was move, but moving proved even more painful. My joints were swollen, making it difficult to go up and down the stairs. My brain because so foggy I went from being a fairly intelligent person to having trouble thinking of simple words or following conversations.

I tried everything. When the symptoms first started I immediately went to a trusted and respected naturopath, determined to fight Lyme naturally (at the onset of my symptoms I was in Colorado where they didn't believe there was Lyme disease, so I went un-diagnosed for many years). I tried overhauling my diet, natural supplements, bringing balance to my system. No results. I tried acupuncture, yoga, and, as you can imagine, every prescription drug ever prescribed for auto-immune-type symptoms.

After seven years I was only worse. I could barely move in the morning. I was on the verge of losing my job because I literally couldn't "get going" and was so often debilitated by pain. I would sit at my desk in the afternoons crying because I was so fatigued and in so much pain. I thought I would never live a normal life, could never dream again - maybe I could never have children - how would I take care of them? I was hopeless.

Then a friend who had suffered from Lupus told me how she had purchased a Hydrogen Water machine. She explained the technology to me and said she was able to go off of her Lupus medication because she was doing so much better. She urged me to get a machine as soon as possible, she really believed it could help me. My answer? No way. After all, I had tried everything! There was no way some new technology I had never heard of was going to be the "answer" and magically make me better. I refused. She kept pestering me.

I only gave in because I wanted my friend to stop bugging me about it. Besides, there was a 90 day money back guarantee, so what did I have to lose? I knew it wouldn't work, I'd send the machine back and then I could say I tried it. So I purchased a Hydrogen Water Machine.

Within 3 days I felt better than I had in 7 years. I was completely shocked. I would have chalked it up to placebo effect, but I was so adamant it wasn't going to work that could not have been a factor. Not everyone experiences such immediate or drastic results - everyone's body chemistry is so different, and I was very sick when I started drinking Hydrogen Water.

Here are the benefits I saw within 90 days of drinking Hydrogen Water:

• I was sleeping more deeply, waking up more refreshed.

• My energy had increased greatly, doing away with the plaguing fatigue I had.

• Inflammation: a major decrease in inflammation is one of the number one things I experienced. I wasn't so stiff and sore in the mornings that I could barely move like before. I could go up and down the stairs like a normal person and without pain.

• My pain decreased - I went from being on 2 types of pain medication 3 times per day to only taking the odd dose of pain meds if I was having a bad afternoon.

• My brain started functioning normally again - I was thinking sharp, could remember things, and didn't feel like I was in a haze anymore.

• Afternoons at work weren't hell anymore. With my pain decreased and my energy greatly increased I don't sit slumped at my desk in the afternoons just wanting to go to bed.

I have my life back. I'm not 100% healed. I still have bad days, but my "bad" days now are what used to be my "everyday" before. I feel like I can dream and make plans for the future again. Hydrogen Water gave me my life back. I am so grateful I had a friend who loved me enough to nag me into trying Hydrogen Water. It has truly been a life-changing experience.

(Alyse A. - Virginia, USA)